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Prominent communications advisor and Inveress client Digby McLeay cleared

Queensland Police have cleared former Newman Government Senior Adviser Digby McLeay of allegations he may have misled an Industrial Relations Commission hearing.
Police Commissioner Ian Stewart advised Mr McLeay there was “insufficient evidence” to support proceedings after McLeay gave evidence during a March 2014 case of a former colleague.

Mr McLeay is a political and communications adviser with over 30 years experience in Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. He said he was pleased the matter was concluded.

“Media reports indicated it boiled down to the day and time a telephone conversation occurred some 20 months prior to my giving evidence. I presented the facts as I recalled them.

“I was effectively working as Chief of Staff to two Ministers. It was an extremely busy and stressful time.

“I gave evidence in good faith. I would never do otherwise,” Mr McLeay stated.

Following work with Brisbane Lord Mayor Sallyanne Atkinson, Digby McLeay provided expert media communications advice to Metro Mining.

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New digs – and website – for the Norwood Osteopathy and Chiropractic Pain Clinic

The Norwood Osteopathy and Chiropractic Pain Clinic was founded in 2006 by osteopather and chiropracter Stephanie Fardell and is located at 50 Fullarton Road, Norwood, South Australia, close to the Adelaide CBD.  Their website is at They offer chiropractic and osteopathic services, including manipulation and pain relief.